The kitchen is done in the traditional style, was made to measure in the Italian factory ARAN CUCINE of quality and solid wood that is painted white. Details of inox used for making the handles and lighting above the worktop bring introduce elements of modern details that stand out over simplicity. Inside the pillars on the staircase that separates the ground floor of the upper floor, there is a wooden structure built of wood pine, which is in the space created by the young artist to exhibit their works in a major gallery in Luzern (CH). It serves as a visual and physical barrier and as decoration space.

The white color is selected to achieve the contrast between the dark floors. In our market, there is a large selection of imported and exotic flooring, and the whole house harm the high-quality wooden flooring manufactured in the Croatian company Požgaj (model Pavone 120), and is made from smoked oak, which is coated in a bona naturale, with dimensions of 70 - 140 cm. x 120 cm. Kitchens desk and modern benches are also made of solid wood.


It is dominated by three details. Glass walls that provide a beautiful view of nature, big massive chandelier from Vienna with 50 antique lighting fixtures and crystal detailing which scatter light around the room. Luster is centrally located to the area and fireplace lined with decorative stone. The same stone is set and the edge portions of the pool in order to visually connect the outer and inner space.

The colors are neutral, natural. The living room is located north-west with a lot of daylight which alternates in the area for a day socializing (living room and library). External windows throughout the house are made to measure solid timber.

Sitting part is made in a company known for making furniture for luxury yachts, and are specific as possible to every detail of tailor, a customer leaves a choice of absolutely every detail, length, width, depth. Material is purchased directly at the factory Gucci and it is coated seat section furniture and decorations are made for windows. On the restraints are interesting extension table made of wenge wood that is used for the disposal of glasses.


Originally conceived as a work area, but over time transformed into a room for relaxation, and a library. In the same room there is also a central video monitoring facility (the outside of the building is secured with four cameras that have the possibility of night shooting) and dominates them bed, unique specimen also tailor-made design of materials (Versace).

BEDROOM (white leather bed with balcony)

Simple, designer bed produced in the Italian factory, made of solid wood and coated in white skin at the foot of a large box that can be used to store goods (bedding). What eye has not seen, and it is very important when choosing a sleeping area is a mattress. For all bearings were selected mattresses with a reputation as the best products Hespo, (Diamant mattress with 7-zonal Multipocket pocket core and cladding of visco-elastic foam, coated with anti-bacterial fabric). Above the bed there is a lamp Italian manufacturer in white silk "skins". On the bed of silk-cotton bed linen and warm blanket mink. Chest of drawers is also made of solid wood and finished with high-gloss polished. On the glass walls that lead to the balcony there is a decorative fabric of suede leather, with a balcony with a nice view of nature.


And this room is dominated neutral beige tone and high quality materials. Chest its appearance brings a reminder of the previous times, although it made recently in one of the famous Italian factory - again from solid wood, the bed is made of leather, and the windows are decorated with silk curtains. Wall lighting is made of hand-blown glass, hand-drawn and which gives discrete light area.


The furniture in this room is minimalist and adaptable to all generations, made of solid wood, the bed from collection Hespo is upholstered in white leather with linen made of cotton damask. The room is dominated by two large French windows.

BATHROOM (white)

On the floor in the interior of shower stalls are large size tiles in dark gray color, and the walls are painted a special, non-porous paint resistant to moisture. Mirror brings a sense of history that is connected with modern minimalism and is made of wood. The sink is made of marble originally titled WHITE CHRISTAL, and is located on the cabinet of wenge wood. All bathroom furniture is made to measure.

BATHROOM (cream)

This space stand out sinks made of natural marble original name HONEY ONIX above which there is a large golden mirror. For the substrate is selected wallpaper resistant to moisture mottled vertical lines brown, gold, yellow and beige. In the area there is a large French window through which change the natural color of the canopy, depending on the season.


When decorating the room where there is a sauna are also selected neutral, natural colors (combined natural oak color, black and white). The floor is parquet of natural oak in the dimension of 60 - 100 x 90 cm and within the area there is a shower cabin with front-space. The sink is made of natural stone called RIVER STONE, and is located on a wooden podium of teak.

Sitting part is made from raw teak, and relaxation helps comfortable pillows that are filled with foam. Stump wood pear got the function table on which are served fresh citrus fruit, and is located on the base of thermo-treated ash. Sauna has a capacity for 5 people. All stairs are made of multi-layer smoked oak, finish BONA Naturale.

OUTSIDE tread (staircase leading to the house) is derived from the massive decking elements of thermo-treated ash, as well as the terrace surrounding the pool.

TERRACE is in position with a view to the pure nature and the Samobor mountains. With the living room there is a covered and exposed terrace of 80 m2. Direct access to the terrace leads to the outdoor swimming pool, measuring 7,5 m x 3 m depth of 1,5 m.

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